The Beauty of Programmable Thermostats

Thanks to the advancements of programmable thermostats, homeowners can now enjoy a more energy efficient home, along with significant cost savings when it comes to their monthly utility bills. But of course, the settings on these thermostats will differ for various locations and climates. For example, if you live in an area that receives mild temperatures year-round, then your programmed temperature will differ greatly in comparison to households that have to endure long, harsh winter weather for a good portion of the year.

To help you understand how these thermostats can help alleviate some of the most common air quality issues in your area, read on.

Complete Comfort Control

One of the best features about programmable thermostats is that they give homeowners complete control over the temperature of their home, no matter the location. So if the most common air quality issue in your certain area is humidity, you can easily compensate for that problem inside your home by adjusting the level on your thermostat/humidistat. WI-FI capabilities provide users with unparalleled control over certain areas of their homes, all in real-time. Sensors also detect when you are in and out of your home, allowed your device to adjust the temperature accordingly and save you money.

Touchscreen Interaction

Touchscreens are convenient, user-friendly and straightforward. And today, you can find most modern thermostats boasting a large, clear, easy-to-use touchscreen that will display all of the relevant information that you need – current temperature, programmed temperature, and time. You can even access the information in the dark with backlit features.

Comfort Control For Every Room

If one room in your home tends to feel cooler than the others during the long, harsh winter, or even drier than the rest, you now have the ability to make the adjustments that are necessary to control those comfort levels for each room. This is extremely beneficial for improving energy efficiency and lowering monthly bills since you can tailor your comfort levels so precisely, without wasting unnecessary energy on areas that really don’t matter.

Humidity, dry air, and fluctuating temperatures are, of course, some of the most common air quality issues that most homeowners experience. But thankfully, with the development and improvement of programmable thermostats, you can now enjoy complete and precise control of the comfort levels throughout your home, despite what’s happening outside.

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