Central Air vs. Window Units

It’s true that window air conditioning units are useful in a number of ways, especially if you’re on an incredibly tight budget and don’t know where to start when it comes to finding a professional air conditioning installer. However, though window air conditioners are excellent temporary alternatives, it’s much more likely you’ll get a bigger bang for your buck if you go with central air conditioning instead.


This is often the biggest hesitation when it comes to purchasing an air conditioning unit. It’s true that upfront, window air conditioners appear to be a better choice. You can install them yourself and you don’t need to pay anyone to do it for you, and the unit itself is often much cheaper to purchase than an HVAC unit. However, when you have multiple places in your home to cool instead of just one or two, you’re already looking on spending more than a few hundred dollars on quality window A/C units. With the rising number of units, you’ll also incur a rising electrical bill because of the ineffectiveness of running several small A/C units throughout your home.

Air conditioning installation is also not as expensive as you think, as here at Distinct Heating & Cooling, we finance and allow you to make payments monthly on your A/C purchase. We might even be able to finance 100% of your purchase through our SNAP financing program.


Small window units take a few hours to install, but they allow windows to remain open and unsecure, especially if the window unit is too small to fill your entire window. This can pose a huge security risk while you are sleeping. Air conditioning

units are a completely different story and are designed to keep your home completely safe from any sort of entry through a window. In addition, you will have to remove and reinstall small window A/C units every winter.Installing central air conditioning means you’ll never have to do that again. An air conditioning unit can also use the same pipes your heater uses so that installation will be less intrusive and quicker than you might think. Because you already have the required piping, the installation may also be more within your budget.

In short, window A/C units are effective in very special situations, but central cooling is effective, easy to maintain, and affordable. Contact Distinct Heating & Cooling today if you want us to help you get a great deal before the heat of summer begins.