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Your HVAC system creates comfort in your home – it keeps you cool during the hot, humid summer and warm when the temperature turns bitter cold in the winter. But if your HVAC system is not working optimally you could be paying more than you need to in utility bills while your comfort level suffers. Here are some inexpensive ways to improve your HVAC system and enhance its performance.

Install a Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat will learn your schedule and adjust the temperature levels of your home to provide optimal comfort, while also saving on utility bills. No more extra energy spent heating an empty house or coming home to a freezing cold place.

Purchase an Air Purifier

Air purifiers go above and beyond your regular HVAC filter to capture allergens and airborne particles. There are a variety of inexpensive air cleaners you can purchase to remove impurities and filter pollutants in your home. Those prone to allergies will be able to breathe easier.

Get a Dehumidifier and Humidifier

Using a dehumidifier can help to improve the moisture level of your home during the hotter summer months and remove moisture that leads to mold and mildew. On the other hand, during wintertime, a humidifier is very necessary for adding more moisture back into the air to minimize discomfort from that excessively dry air.

Improve Ventilation

By installing bathroom and kitchen fans, you can help exhaust contaminants and heat from your home. Also, having proper functioning roof vents that circulate air is a must.

Get Your Furnace Maintained

An HVAC technician can optimize the efficiency and performance of your furnace. Getting a yearly inspection can help identify if your system is running at its peak efficiency or if the equipment is working harder than it needs to. They can also give your machine a full cleaning to ensure you get the most bang for your buck.

Regular Duct Cleaning

Duct cleaning can improve your HVAC’s performance and also reduce any health problems. Excess dust, mold, and pet dander can build up in your vents, preventing proper air flow. Also, these items can constantly be released into your home, impacting the health of you and your family. Having your ducts checked regularly can eliminate any particulates and improve the air quality in your home.

When you’re ready to improve your HVAC systems performance, call us at Distinct Heating & Cooling for a detailed inspection and any necessary maintenance or repairs.

Distinct Heating & Cooling is pleased to offer indoor air quality testing as part of our complete range of home heating and cooling services for Calgary homeowners. Right now you might be enjoying the fresh, cool, and brisk fall air and leaving your windows open during the day. But, with the colder winter months ahead, your home will be closed up until spring.

The air quality in your home can change from one season to the next. During the winter months, the quality of the air you breathe can vary from one room to the next, as follows:

  • Bedrooms – There can be dust, dust mites, pet dander, and airborne viruses and bacteria in your bedrooms, reducing the overall air quality.
  • Bathrooms – Household cleaning products, mold, mildew, and airborne bacteria and viruses could all be issues that affect air quality.
  • Attic – Depending upon the age of the home, asbestos and formaldehyde could be issues, as well as dust.
  • Living Rooms/Dining Rooms – Organic chemicals from furniture and carpeting can reduce air quality, along with pet dander, dust, dust mites, and tobacco smoke.
  • Kitchen – The kitchen’s air quality is affected by cleaning products, smoke from dirty ovens and burners, tobacco smoke, pet dander, and dust.
  • Garage – Exhaust fumes from vehicles, cleaning products, paint, petroleum products, mold, mildew, fertilizers, and so on can all reduce the air quality in your garage.

In addition, all areas of the home are at risk for carbon monoxide gas, unless you have working carbon monoxide detectors installed in multiple locations throughout the home.

Distinct Heating & Cooling highly recommends having your air tested with our 5-day Indoor Air Quality Test. This test is a comprehensive procedure that measures the levels of various airborne particles and determines what is in the air you breathe. At the end of the testing period, our HVAC technicians provide you with a detailed report and he will review this with you. The report even offers suggestions on various ways you can improve the indoor air quality, like with an air filtration system.

Air filtration systems from our Calgary furnace and air conditioning service company are designed to help reduce the concentrations of various airborne particles, such as viruses, bacteria, dust, dust mites, mold and mildew. Additionally, we offer heat recovery ventilator options, where fresh outdoor air is exchanged with stale indoor are at periodic intervals to provide your home with fresh air.

Both air ventilation and air filtration provide numerous benefits and helps improve the indoor air quality of your Calgary home. If you suffering from allergies or asthma, or are prone to getting ill frequently, or just want to ensure you and your family are breathing the highest quality air, then you need to consider air filtration and air ventilation solutions from us.

Here at Distinct Heating & Cooling, we invite you to call us at (403) 477-3810 to discuss your air quality concerns and schedule your indoor air quality test. We offer a wide range of solutions to address your needs, while also working within your budget.

At Distinct Heating & Cooling, our technicians enjoy educating people about how their home heating system functions. The reason why we want to educate people is to help them identify when there are potential problems with the system. This could help you avoid costly repairs.

Your heating system has many components that work together to provide optimal comfort and keep you warm. To help you better understand how the system works, let’s start by reviewing the four basic components found in your furnace.

1. Thermostat – The thermostat is a heat-sensitive switch used to regulate the temperature of your home based upon your preferred comfort level.

2. Furnace – The furnace is the source of the warm air used to heat the home and maintain comfort levels.

3. Blowers, Ducts, and Vents – Each of these components are responsible for moving and distrusting the heated air throughout your home.

4. The Flue – This is the exhaust duct connected to the furnace and extends to the outside of the home. This vents the harmful gaseous by-products of your furnace out of the home.

All of these components working together are called the heating system. The heating cycle begins when the thermostat determines the temperature within the home has fallen below the desired one you established, which is call the set point. The thermostat responds to the change in temperature by sending a signal to the furnace to turn on. Essentially, your thermostat is telling the furnace to “wake up.”

The furnace kicks in and turns on the natural gas and ignites it. The fire creates heat and is used to heat up a series of metal tubes within the unit that are called the heat exchanger. As the fire is burning, any harmful gaseous by-products are vented safely outdoors through the flue.

Once the heat exchanger has reached a certain temperature, the blower motor engages and turns on its fan. The fan blows air over the heat exchanger and into the ducts. Eventually, the warm air is blown out of the register vents within the rooms of your home.

After the furnace has ran for a period and the temperature reaches the set point, the thermostat sends another signal to the finance to shut off. This is the end of the heat cycle.

A Quick Tip about Aging Heating Systems

As your heating system ages, it can lose its efficiency or stop working altogether. A furnace failure, especially during the middle of the winter in Calgary could be inconvenient on a cold day, not to mention a serious problem. At Distinct Heating & Cooling, we recommend scheduling our annual 30-point heating system tune-up and maintenance inspection to avoid serious problems and keep your heating system operating at peak performance throughout the winter. Call us today at (403) 477-3810. We can help solve any issues you may experience and answer any questions. We look forward to making your home a happy and comfortable home this winter.

How Calgary Furnace Replacement Affects Your Indoor Air Quality

Did you know that your furnace can affect your air quality? As a result, having afurnace in Calgary installation specialist come in and replace, repair, or suggestchanges to your HVAC system can help to improve your air so that you stay healthy. Most people actually overestimate how clean their air is, especially when it comes to wintertime when pollen and mold spores usually aren’t a problem. If you think your air is clean, let’s take a look at some of the common things that are floating around in an average household.

Furnace Calgary Installation

What’s In Your Air?

No matter what time of year it is, dust will always be a problem, but you might have other problems as well. On average, a single household could have as much as 40 lbs. of dust in the air over the course of a single year. That’s about 1 cubic yard of dirt! In addition to the dust, you could have pet dander, allergens, and pollen. Pet dander can be present at all times of the year, especially if you have pets, or live nearby to someone who does. Allergens and pollen are frequently seen in the summer, but can sometimes be present in winter, especially if there are indoor plants.

Another problem is humidity, or the lack of it. Mold can easily grow in damp and humid areas, especially during the summer, while dry winter air can cause chapped and dry skin, aggravate cold symptoms, and cause cold sores.


What You Can Do About It

If your air isn’t as clean as you think, you can start by taking a look at some of the common causes. Purchasing a humidifier and a dehumidifier from your local furnace in Calgary installation specialist would be a good start.

Second, you might want to have your filters and your air ducts looked at. Dirty air ducts can allow dirt and even mold spores to spread through the air in your home. Your filters should usually be replaced every few months and more frequently if you have pets.

Finally, your furnace might also be at fault for reducing your air quality. If your furnace is dirty, inefficient, or faulty, your air might be suffering because of it. A dirty furnace will send dirt through your air filters, while a faulty one can actually cause carbon monoxide buildup when it back drafts. Having professional look at, repair, or replace your Calgary furnace can mean a great deal of difference to the quality of your air, and your health.

Looking for Calgary furnace replacement? Distinct Heating and Cooling is a professional and licensed company with a range of new, high efficiency furnacesfor you to choose from.