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Distinct Heating & Cooling is pleased to offer indoor air quality testing as part of our complete range of home heating and cooling services for Calgary homeowners. Right now you might be enjoying the fresh, cool, and brisk fall air and leaving your windows open during the day. But, with the colder winter months ahead, your home will be closed up until spring.

The air quality in your home can change from one season to the next. During the winter months, the quality of the air you breathe can vary from one room to the next, as follows:

  • Bedrooms – There can be dust, dust mites, pet dander, and airborne viruses and bacteria in your bedrooms, reducing the overall air quality.
  • Bathrooms – Household cleaning products, mold, mildew, and airborne bacteria and viruses could all be issues that affect air quality.
  • Attic – Depending upon the age of the home, asbestos and formaldehyde could be issues, as well as dust.
  • Living Rooms/Dining Rooms – Organic chemicals from furniture and carpeting can reduce air quality, along with pet dander, dust, dust mites, and tobacco smoke.
  • Kitchen – The kitchen’s air quality is affected by cleaning products, smoke from dirty ovens and burners, tobacco smoke, pet dander, and dust.
  • Garage – Exhaust fumes from vehicles, cleaning products, paint, petroleum products, mold, mildew, fertilizers, and so on can all reduce the air quality in your garage.

In addition, all areas of the home are at risk for carbon monoxide gas, unless you have working carbon monoxide detectors installed in multiple locations throughout the home.

Distinct Heating & Cooling highly recommends having your air tested with our 5-day Indoor Air Quality Test. This test is a comprehensive procedure that measures the levels of various airborne particles and determines what is in the air you breathe. At the end of the testing period, our HVAC technicians provide you with a detailed report and he will review this with you. The report even offers suggestions on various ways you can improve the indoor air quality, like with an air filtration system.

Air filtration systems from our Calgary furnace and air conditioning service company are designed to help reduce the concentrations of various airborne particles, such as viruses, bacteria, dust, dust mites, mold and mildew. Additionally, we offer heat recovery ventilator options, where fresh outdoor air is exchanged with stale indoor are at periodic intervals to provide your home with fresh air.

Both air ventilation and air filtration provide numerous benefits and helps improve the indoor air quality of your Calgary home. If you suffering from allergies or asthma, or are prone to getting ill frequently, or just want to ensure you and your family are breathing the highest quality air, then you need to consider air filtration and air ventilation solutions from us.

Here at Distinct Heating & Cooling, we invite you to call us at (403) 477-3810 to discuss your air quality concerns and schedule your indoor air quality test. We offer a wide range of solutions to address your needs, while also working within your budget.

It’s true that window air conditioning units are useful in a number of ways, especially if you’re on an incredibly tight budget and don’t know where to start when it comes to finding a professional Calgary air conditioning installer. However, though window air conditioners are excellent temporary alternatives, it’s much more likely you’ll get a bigger bang for your buck if you go with central air conditioning instead.


This is often the biggest hesitation when it comes to purchasing a Calgary air conditioning unit. It’s true that upfront, window air conditioners appear to be a better choice. You can install them yourself and you don’t need to pay anyone to do it for you, and the unit itself is often much cheaper to purchase than an HVAC unit. However, when you have multiple places in your home to cool instead of just one or two, you’re already looking on spending more than a few hundred dollarson quality window A/C units. With the rising number of units, you’ll also incur arising electrical bill because of the ineffectiveness of running several small A/C units throughout your home.

Calgary air conditioning installation is also not as expensive as you think, as here at Distinct Heating & Cooling, we finance and allow you to make payments monthlyon your A/C purchase. We might even be able to finance 100% of your purchasethrough our SNAP financing program.


Small window units take a few hours to install, but they allow windows to remainopen and unsecure, especially if the window unit is too small to fill your entire window. This can pose a huge security risk while you are sleeping. Calgary air conditioning

Calgary Air Conditioning

units are a completely different story and are designed to keep your home completely safe from any sort of entry through a window. In addition, you will have to remove and reinstall small window A/C units every winter.Installing a central air conditioningmeans you’ll never have to do that again.A Calgary air conditioning unit can also use the same pipes your heater uses so that installation will be less intrusive and quicker than you might think. Because you already have the required piping, the installation may also be more within your budget.

In short, window A/C units are effective in very special situations, but central cooling is effective, easy to maintain, and affordable. Contact Distinct Heating & Cooling today if you want us to help you get a great deal before the heat of summer begins.


The most important thing you can do to properly maintain your central Calgary air conditioner system is to clean it regularly.  Failing to consistently clean your cooling system results in:

  • Higher energy bills
  • Decreased cooling efficiency
  • Higher repair costs
  • Shorter appliance life

Three elements make up a central Calgary air conditioner system with electricity as its power source. They are:

  • An outdoor section (the condensing unit)
  • An indoor section (furnace/indoor coil)
  • Ductwork to transfer the cooled air throughout the home

Follow manufacturer’s routine maintenance directions and have the entire system checked once a year by a qualified service technician.

Here are some steps homeowners can take to maintain the efficiency of their central air conditioning system and to save on energy costs:

  • Replaceable filters should be replaced every 30 to 60 days, and it’s best to get maximum efficiency filters
  • Keep windows and doors closed when the air conditioner is running
  • Caulk and weather-strip windows and doors to seal air gaps
  • Close drapes and shades over windows facing the sun

Almost everyone has a furnace, but surprisingly few people think about it in terms of being potentially dangerous. While well-maintained and cared for Calgary furnaces are perfectly safe, ignoring furnace maintenance can result in problemsincluding carbon monoxide buildup, furnace failure, and even failure. Here are a couple of safety tips that anyone can use to keep their furnace as safe as possible.

Invest in a Carbon Monoxide Detector

Every level of your home should be equipped with a carbon monoxide detector or smoke alarm in order to warn you in case of a fire.  Try installing detectors away from any source of flame such as the kitchen or a fireplace in order to avoid false alarms, and then change the batteries regularly. Depending on the batteries you use, every 6 to 12 months should be sufficient.

Change Filters Regularly to Limit Dust Buildup

Did you know that dust and lint buildup in your filters can lead to dirty air? In damp conditions, mold spores can even build up in your air and dirty filters don’t help. Depending on your unique situation you should change your filters every 2 to 6 months. People with pets should change their filters every 2 months, as should anyone who frequently leaves the windows open.

Keep Areas Around Your Furnace Clean

Having anything around your furnace can present a hazard, not only because anything near your furnace could become a fire hazard, but also because it will take longer to get to your furnace in case of an emergency. Experts recommend that you keep trash and other flammable materials far away from your furnace and that you make sure it is easy to access at all times. Checking for soot around the furnace can also alert you as to whether or not there is a potentially dangerous leak. Soot on pipes almost definitely means that there is a hole!

Schedule Regular Maintenance

Calgary Furnaces

The most important safety tip for Calgary furnaces is to schedule regular maintenance.Having Distinct Heating & Cooling come out and perform a 30 point maintenancecheckup on your furnace could solve any problems before they result in furnace break down or become a danger to you and your family. For example, aDistinct Heating & Cooling technician could fix small issues, ensure that your emergency shutoffs are working correctly, ensure that flute and pipe seams are jointed properly, and do routine maintenance.

Other great tips to remember include that a newer furnace is likely to be a lot safer than one that is 15 to 20 years old, and that having a checkup before you start running your furnace in the winter never hurts. Consider hiring Distinct Heating & Cooling to either replace your old furnace or to run a maintenance checkup.