Distinct Heating and Cooling – Efficient Modern Furnaces

Why Is Heating Efficiency Important?

The reason heating efficiency is important for every homeowner is because it has to do with how well their current furnaces heat their homes. It is easy to determine whether you have an inefficient or efficient furnace by looking at your heating bills, comfort level, and overall quality of heating within the home. If your furnace is between 15 and 20 years old, or older, it is highly recommended to have the furnace replaced with a new one.

Why Should I Replace My Old Furnace?

Older furnaces are not as efficient as you might think. Furnaces that are between 15 and 20 years old may only have energy efficiency ratings between 70% and 80% and those older than 20 years are typically around 60% or less. The minimum standard for furnaces in Calgary today is 90% + heating efficiency. Further, homes with old furnaces often complain about unbalanced heating with hot and cold spots.

New, modern furnaces include all the latest technological advancements and have much better energy efficiency. There is well-balanced heat distribution throughout the home and helps to minimize hot and cold spots, even in two-story homes, thanks to heat modulation technologies. A new furnace is correctly sized to the home, too, freeing up space.

Additionally, a modern high efficient furnace is better for the environment. It uses less energy and pays for itself in as little as four years. Homeowners can save up to 25% on home heating costs per year with a new, energy efficient furnace. The most efficient modern furnaces are condensing furnaces with ratings of 90% or higher.

At Distinct Heating and Cooling, we feature furnaces up to 98% energy efficient. Contact us now for more information or to schedule a free in-home consultation appointment for professional advice about your home’s heating by phoning 403-477-3810.