Distinct Heating and Cooling – Types of Furnaces Available

What Types of Furnaces Are Available in Calgary?

Calgary homeowners have several different choices when it comes to new furnaces. All modern furnaces offer 90% or higher heating efficiency, as this is the current minimum standard. Most furnaces are gas burners, which mean they use natural gas to create heat and are connected to an electric blower motor for heat distribution throughout the home. Gas furnace options include:

  • Single Stage: Single stage gas furnaces are an economical option for people on tight budgets, who are looking for a more efficient way to heat their home. They provide up 95% heating efficiency that translates up to 25% in savings on heating bills each year. These types of furnaces can be slightly louder than two stage and fully modulating furnaces.
  • Two Stage: Two stage furnaces feature a variable speed blower to reduce noise levels while efficiently heating your home. The variable speed motor is also designed to reduce electricity usage by operating at a low and high speed thus possibly increasinge your energy savings. On an average temperature day the furnace will run a low speed while on very cold days it will operate at a high speed. Two stage furnaces are up to 96% efficient.
  • Fully Modulating: Fully modulating furnaces are the most efficient furnaces on the market today. They offer up to 98% efficiency. The furnace has a modulating gas valve to control the amount of gas used to heat the home for precision comfort and improved energy efficiency. Just like a two stage furnace, the blower motor has variable speeds and operates quietly.

Both two stage and fully modulating furnaces create even temperatures throughout the home from room to room and floor to floor.

Which Furnace Is Best for Your Calgary Home?

Selecting the best new furnace for your home can be a difficult decision to make on your own. It is better to contact the professionals at Distinct Heating and Cooling and schedule a free in-home consultation appointment. During this appointment our experts discuss your home heating needs, answer your questions about your furnace options, and work with you to determine which one will be best for your home. Call us today at 403-477-3810 to book your free in-home consultation and obtain a no-obligation quote.