How Can You Benefit from a Smart Thermostat?

If you’re not familiar with the new smart thermostat technology, you’re missing out! Learn more about how you can benefit from a smart thermostat installation today!

Saves You Money

A smart thermostat will learn and adapt to your schedule in order to prevent wasting energy. When you head out for work in the morning, it will automatically shut off your HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system, and then start it back up again right before you get home. This can save you hundreds of dollars each year in electricity and gas bills. And when you have a smart thermostat installed, you never have to worry about whether you left the heat on when you head off for vacation or a small trip.

Experience Total Convenience

Unlike regular thermostats, you can control your Smart model remotely. This means you can turn up the temperature while staying warm inside your bed, or make sure it’s on if you decide to come home from work early, and even turn it off from another location. With remote access, all you need is your mobile device to adjust the temperature from anywhere that has an internet connection!

Get Alerts

A number of smart thermostats can even email alerts directly to you if something goes wrong. If a power outage has shut down your HVAC unit or if another problem arises with the system, you’ll be the first to know. Smart thermostats also include useful features such as maintenance reminders, dirty filter alerts, and more.

Enjoy Ease of Use

Many traditional thermostats can be complicated to use with poor navigation, manuals that are impossible to read (and easy to lose) and complex features. Conversely, smart thermostats have been designed to be more user-friendly. They feature modern touchscreens, features that are easy to navigate, and apps that straightforward. The whole point is to make your life easier while maximizing your energy efficiency!

System of Checks and Balances

Does your utility bill look a little off this month? Now you can double check to see why. Smart thermostats can create monthly reports to show you how much energy you have used. You can also monitor your energy consumption each week to see when your energy usage fluctuates to help you program your thermostat for the greatest amount of energy savings.

There’s nothing to dislike about smart thermostats. They make your life easier, save you money, and help to monitor your energy bills — what more could you ask for? When you’re ready to learn more or have install one today, contact us at Distinct Heating & Cooling.