Should I Try Fixing My Furnace Myself?

Debating about whether to call a furnace technician, or if you should try to fix your furnace yourself? Well, before you roll up your sleeves and attempt to fix your furnace, first consider how much of an investment that piece of equipment is, and how much it could cost you if your repairs are done incorrectly. A furnace is a complex machine and responsible for the comfort of your home. Any repair missteps could leave you in the cold, or worse, put your furnace out of commission for good.

Before you try to tackle that repair yourself, consider each of these important factors first.

You’re Not an Expert

Let’s face it – you’re not an expert. Taking on DIY projects throughout your home can be fun and rewarding. But when it comes to a serious piece of equipment that you and your family rely on (that also happens to be a costly investment), it’s imperative to remember that professional technicians undergo extensive training and apprenticeship to perform even basic repairs. When something needs to be fixed, place your investment in the hands of the experts to ensure that you’re not left with any costly mistakes down the road.

You Could Void Your Warranty

Many furnace manufacturers have stern stipulations regarding the warranty that comes with your furnace. And most warranties state that any malfunctions that occur with your furnace must be repaired by a licensed technician with approved parts. Taking it upon yourself to repair a problem could result in voiding your warranty. Always read your warranties thoroughly to determine what the stipulations include, or give Distinct Heating & Cooling a call – we’d be happy to walk you through the technical terms and legal jargon so you understand exactly what’s covered and what isn’t.

It Can be Dangerous

Your furnace requires gas to function. It goes without saying that gas must be handled with care. That is why technicians are required to undergo advanced training each and every year. If you attempt to fix your furnace with knowing the proper safety precautions to take, you could be placing yourself and your family in danger.

If you ever find yourself asking the question, “Should I try fixing my furnace myself?” the answer should be “no” unless we’re talking about something straightforward like changing a filter. Give Distinct Heating & Cooling a call for all your furnace installation, maintenance, and repair needs. We hold ourselves to the highest standard of workmanship, professionalism, and service in everything we do.