Tips to Ensure You Do Not Need a Furnace Repair This Winter

It is that time of year again, when you need to get your heating system ready to go for the winter. You are pretty much done with the air conditioning unit and you are probably starting to think it might be nice to have some heat. The following tips will walk you through what is involved with shutting down your air conditioning unit for the year and getting your heating system ready to go.

Getting Your Heating System Ready for Winter

1.Filter: Check Its Cleanliness

The first step is to make sure that your air filter is nice and clean. Depending on your home heating system, there could potentially be two air filters you need to check. The first one is normally part of the actual furnace. The second filter to check is your return air vent filter. So you need to check these out and verify they are clean. If there is dust and dirt deposits on the filter, replace it. Having a clean filter will help to get you through the next few months.

2.Basement Heating Vents: If Closed, Open Them

So far we have checked to make sure that our air filter is nice and clean. The next thing you want to do is, if you have closed off your basement heat vents during the summer, it is a good time to open them up now.

3.Humidifier Damper: Adjust to Open

Next we’re going to adjust the humidifier damper to the “winter” or “fully opened” position.

4.Cover Outdoor Condensing Unit

Some of our customers choose to have a cover put on their outdoor condensing unit. If you do put a cover on there, then we would recommend you adjust the system switch to the “off” position first. Go to your electrical panel and turn the breaker off that says “air conditioning unit.” Then you can proceed to put the cover on the outdoor condensing unit for the winter.

5.Thermostat and Humidistat: Set to Desired Set-Points

The next step is to go to your thermostat, adjust the system switch to “heat”, and then set it to the desired set-point. You will also want to adjust your humidistat to its desired set-point.

By taking the time to perform these steps, you are able to make sure your furnace is ready for cold Calgary winter and will keep you nice and toasty. In addition to performing these steps, it is highly recommended you schedule annual furnace maintenance with a qualified and experienced Calgary furnace maintenance technician. Furnace maintenance will help discover any potential problems and prevent emergency repair calls this winter.

If you would like an overview of getting your heating system ready for winter or any other helpful maintenance tips, please feel to contact Distinct Heating and Cooling today at 403-477-3810. Remember to get your free quote today for annual furnace maintenance!