What are the benefits for upgrading to PROGRAMMABLE THERMOSTAT or HUMIDISTAT?

The colder months are upon us and furnace efficiency and reliability ensures you and your loved ones are kept comfortable and warm throughout the entire winter. A common concern of homeowners in Calgary during this time of year, are how much it is going to cost to heat their homes so they can stay warm.

Did you know heating costs are largely determined by the efficiency and reliability of your furnace and entire heating system? An efficient and reliable furnace and heating system keeps your energy bills under control.

An essential component used to regulate the temperature within your home is your thermostat. How well you control the temperature inside your home and with what degree of accuracy affect your energy bills. If you are looking for a higher degree of accuracy and control, you may want to consider a new, programmable thermostat from Distinct Heating & Cooling.

What Benefits Do Programmable Thermostats Offer?

The main benefit of programmable thermostats is the ability to control the temperature settings within your home over a 24-hour period. Based upon how you program your thermostat, your furnace turns on, as needed,using the temperature settings you have programmed for specific times of the day and night.

For instance, you can set a lower indoor temperature during the day when everyone is not at home. Then, you can choose a higher setting, so the furnace turns on just before everyone gets home and it is nice and comfortable. For the evening hours, after everyone goes to bed, you can choose a lower temperature setting, and a higher one just before everyone gets up in the morning.

How Difficult Is It to Program a Programmable Thermostat?

At Distinct Heating & Cooling we offer several programmable thermostats which offer an on-screen, interview-based setup. It is very simple and easy to configure and setup a programmable thermostat, as most have display screens that walks you through each step and allows you to input the desired settings with a push of a button.

For instance, the thermostat will ask you specific questions, such as “What time do you wake up in the morning?” These queries will help guide you through setting up your thermostat to best reflect your own personal heating needs. Some of the newer programmable thermostat models, like the Honeywell VisionPro 8000 or the Honeywell Prestige, have touchscreens to make programming even simpler. In addition, the Honeywell Prestige is Wi-Fi enabled and allows you to control the settings of your furnace remotely from a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

How Does Using Different Settings Conserve Energy and Save Money?

Our furnace repair and furnace maintenance company in Calgary recommends using a programmable thermostat and adjust the settings by a few degrees lower or higher to help conserve energy, save money, without sacrificing your comfort. In fact, most people do not notice a slight variance in the ambient air temperature when it is only a few degrees.

By adjusting the settings on a programmable thermostat a few degrees lower or higher several times throughout the day, your furnace runs more efficiently. Using lower temperatures during the day when everyone is gone and at night while everyone sleeps, means the furnace runs less often and uses less energy.

Does Humidity Affect Comfort in the Winter?

Humidity does have a direct impact on your comfort levels in the winter. As it becomes colder outside, the humidity drops. Many home heating systems are dry-air heat, so the humidity within in the home also drops. Chapped and dry hands, feet, and skin are common in homes with low wintertime humidity levels.

Another effect from lower humidity levels is a sense your home feels cooler than it really is, so you turn the thermostat up, causing your furnace to run more often and harder, yet without any noticeable effects on the coolness feeling within the home and your comfort. However, what you will notice is an unexpected and undesired increase in your energy bills. To counteract the effects of lower indoor humidity, Distinct Heating & Cooling recommends having a digital humidistat installed and connected to a humidifier.

How Can a Humidistat Help?

A digital humidistat is a device that works to control and regulate the humidity levels within your home. It is designed to prevent condensation from forming on windows and maintaining the humidity level within the room, so you feel comfortable without having to turn the temperature setting on your furnace up. Ideally, your home should have between 15% and 45% relative humidity during the wintertime.

At Distinct Heating & Cooling, we recommend the Honeywell Prestige thermostat since it is also a humidistat, which allows you to control both your humidity levels and temperature settings in a single device. The combination of a programmable thermostat/humidistat helps lower your energy bills and keeps you and your entire family comfortable and warm all winter long.

In the long run, programmable thermostats can save you up to 35% on your energy costs. If you were to combine a new programmable thermostat along with a new modern energy efficient furnace, your savings could potentially be even greater.

For more information about programmable thermostats, humidistats, new furnaces, furnace maintenance and repair services, and other home heating and cooling services, contact Distinct Heating & Cooling today by calling (403) 477-3810.

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