How do I keep my furnace safe?

Furnace Safety Tips to Stay Warm and Safe

The key to a happy and healthy home during the colder winter months is heating. It is important to remember proper furnace safety precautions to remain safe all winter long. Here at Distinct Heating & Cooling, we have prepared the following tips and suggestions to help you practice proper furnace safety so that you and your entire family can remain warm throughout the colder months.

Starting the Furnace Up

When you fire up the furnace for the first time when it gets cold, it not uncommon to smell a peculiar smell like something is burning. This is normal, as dust tends to settle during the warmer months when you are not using your furnace. The dust quickly burns away and should disappear after the furnace cycles several times.

However, if the smell does not go away, it could indicate a bigger problem. There could potentially be small leaks in pipes and valves where the gas is escaping, which is very dangerous. We recommend shutting off the furnace and contacting a qualified furnace repair service, like us.

Keep the Area around the Furnace Unobstructed

The area around the furnace should be kept clean and clear of clutter. Never store any flammable materials, such as aerosols, gasoline, or paint thinners near your furnace. In addition, do not store boxes, wood, rags, laundry, garbage, or other items next to the furnace. These and other objects are potential fire hazards.

Operate the Furnace with a Clean Filter

Distinct Heating & Cooling recommends changing your furnace air filter once every two to three months. You should also inspect the filter on a monthly basis and if you notice your filter is dirty, change it, rather than waiting. The dust and dirt in the filter can cause other problems with the furnace’s operations causing a number of performance, safety, efficiency, and air quality issues. When dirty filters become clogged, they can cause your furnace to work harder and even overheat. An overworked heating system increases the risk of carbon monoxide leaks, too.

Get CO and Smoke Detectors Installed

Carbon monoxide has no odor and is very dangerous. To reduce this risk, we recommend every floor of your home has, at least, one carbon monoxide (CO) detector and, at least, one smoke detector. These devices are an essential part of furnace safety and help keep you safe. Our furnace maintenance services in Calgary can include installing CO detectors to keep the threat of carbon monoxide to a minimum.

Most detectors have an average lifespan of approximately ten years. If the detectors in your home are more than ten years old, we strongly urge you to replace them with new ones. In addition, you should test smoke detectors and CO detectors on a monthly basis. The batteries should be replaced at least once a year. It also is recommended to keep a fresh set of batteries on hand for all detectors in the home.

Annual Furnace Maintenance and Inspection

Furnaces are composed of numerous moving and working parts and components that are necessary for proper operation. To ensure your furnace is operating correctly, and to keep you and your family safe, these parts and components do require an annual inspection.

At Distinct Heating & Cooling, our Calgary furnace maintenance service includes a 30-point inspection to take care of your furnace so you do not have to worry about it. As part of our 30-point inspection, we test and inspect safety controls, the ignition system, thermostat operation, the condition of the burner tubes, air flow, gas pressure, and CO and gas leaks, and much more.

Here at Distinct Heating & Cooling, we are available 24/7 and are always happy to help. Our experienced technicians have the skills, tools, and knowledge to provide you with peace of mind to know your home heating system is within the proper safety requirements and up to code. If you have any other questions about furnace safety or your furnace, please feel free to contact us today by phoning (403) 477-3810.

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For 24/7 Emergency Service Call (403) 477-3810
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PHONE:   (403) 477-3810
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