How do I prevent furnace repair with an annual maintenance tune-up?

In Calgary, one of the best ways to avoid the need for furnace repair and to keep your furnace running reliably, safely, and efficiently is to perform an annual maintenance tune-up. Let’s examine a few of the steps involved in an annual maintenance tune-up in a bit more detail.

Check the air filter

The air filter helps trap dust and debris to keep it from being disbursed throughout your house. The filter also helps keep the furnace clean and running efficiently so it’s important to ensure that the air filter is clean and in good condition. It’s a good idea to check the filters in your furnace every few months and replace them as necessary.

Test thermostat operation

No special equipment required here. Just set the thermostat to HEAT and select the desired temperature to make sure that the thermostat is in good working order and is communicating properly with the furnace.

Check gas pressure

It is important to check and adjust the gas pressure using a manometer so that the furnace will fire correctly. What we do in Distinct Heating and Cooling is check the nameplate for the manufacturer-suggested gas pressure and adjust accordingly. It’s a good idea to let a professional adjust the settings and perform much of the inspection in order to avoid the need for emergency Calgary furnace repair.

Make sure the burners and heat exchanger are in good condition

When the temperature drops below the desired level, the thermostat will send a signal to the furnace causing the burners to turn on and heat the heat exchanger. Once the heat exchanger gets hot enough, the blower kicks in to push warm air throughout the house.

Keeping the burners and heat exchanger in good working order is essential to efficient home heating. This is definitely a job for a professional as misaligned burners and a poorly adjusted heat exchanger can cause problems that inevitably lead to major furnace repair.

Inspect the blower compartment

Make sure the blower wheel is clean and free of debris and the bearings are allowing the wheel to spin freely.

Check the temperature rise

Adjust the thermostat so that the furnace turns on and allow the temperature tAgain, this is a job for a professional who has the tools and knowledge necessary to do the job right the first time.

Check for carbon monoxide

Make sure that carbon monoxide (CO) levels in the home are 0 parts per million. Carbon monoxide is produced whenever a fuel (i.e., wood, charcoal, oil, gas, etc.) is burned. A furnace burner that is functioning properly has efficient combustion and produces little carbon monoxide. A burner that is out of adjustment can, however, produce high levels of carbon monoxide. It’s a good idea to have a carbon monoxide alarm/detector in your home but it’s also a good idea to have a professional perform an annual test.

If your furnace is producing carbon monoxide that is leaking into your house, in most cold-weather locations, including Calgary, furnace repair will be necessary.

Maintain humidifier (optional but recommended)

Maintaining the humidifier involves disassembling and decalcifying the unit as well as installing a new pad.

Once all that is done, your furnace should be good to go for another year. As an added benefit, you also know that your system is running as reliably, safely, and efficiently as possible. So take the time to call a professional who will perform an annual maintenance tune-up on your furnace. This will help you stay warm in Calgary all winter long and avoid the need for furnace repair.

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