Why are Air conditioning maintenance and tune-ups important?

You air conditioner requires regular maintenance in order to provide efficient and effective operation throughout its entire lifetime. Neglecting proper maintenance results in a steady decline in the efficiency of your air conditioner and its overall performance. In addition, as the performance declines, higher utility bills are almost always guaranteed.

The best time to schedule air conditioning maintenance service in Calgary is before you actually need to operate it. If you wait until the hottest days of the summer and notice the unit is not operating at maximum efficiency or breaks down, not only are you and your family uncomfortable in your home, but you also may have to wait for service, as this is a much busier time of the year.

Here, at Distinct Heating & Cooling, we want to make sure you are able to remain cool and comfortable on the hottest summer days and avoid unexpected problems with your air conditioner unit. To help prepare you for the warmer spring and summer months, we have prepared the following information and suggestions to make you more aware of how your A/C system operates and of the types of maintenance your system requires, as well as the best times to complete each one.

Air Filters for Your Heating and Cooling System

The air filter in your furnace serves a dual purpose during the warmer months when you are operating your air conditioner. The cool air that moves throughout your home is forced through the ventilation and ductwork system. Part of this system is the return air vent, which is normally where the air filter is located.

Air filters need to be routinely inspected and replaced if they are dirty or clogged. A dirty or clogged air filter reduces the efficiency of your air conditioner, causes the system to work harder, and restricts normal air flow. As a result, not only are cooling costs higher, but there is an increased likelihood of your unit failing, and becoming a more costly problem to fix.

In addition, the dirt, dust, and debris in a dirty or clogged air filter can be forced into the return air vent and carried directly into the evaporator coil area of the A/C unit, which restricts the coil’s heat-absorbing capacity.

Most air filters should be changed every two to three months, depending upon the operating environment and the type of filter system you have. If you have pets or live in a dusty environment such as a new development area, the filter could require more frequent replacement. Distinct Heating & Cooling offers a wide range of high quality air filters and would be happy to recommend the right one for your heating and cooling system.


We have already mentioned how restricted airflow causes the air conditioner to operate less efficiency. Besides restrictions through the air filter and return air vent, another problem some people experience is variances in cooling throughout their home.

There could be some rooms that are cooler, while others are much warmer. This, too, is a sign of an airflow problem within the ductwork and ventilation system. A routine inspection from one of our knowledgeable air conditioning technicians can help determine where there are airflow problems in your home and provide solutions to keep the home more evenly cooled.

Outdoor Air Conditioner Unit and Evaporator Coils

Your outdoor unit is exposed to the elements and extreme changes in temperatures. Over the months, the unit can collect dirt and dust on the exterior and interior of the unit. A dirty outdoor A/C unit has to work twice as hard to cool your home. As previously mentioned, dirt acts as an insulator on the evaporator coils and inhibits them from absorbing heat.

In addition, if the area around your outdoor unit is dusty, dirty, or has foliage, plants, or trees growing nearby, or branches overhanging the unit, it can contribute towards increased dirt and dust on and in your A/C unit, especially during the spring when plants and trees are pollinating, and poplar fluff and cottonwood levels are high.

When the A/C system runs, it draws air in from the outdoors to help keep the unit cool. Excess pollen, dirt, and dust can clog up the outdoor condenser coils and prevent them from cooling your home as effectively.

To reduce the effects of dirt, dust, and pollen near the outside unit, it is recommended to do a thorough cleaning around the unit each spring. Remove any foliage next to the unit. Trim bushes and tree branches at minimum of a half a meter to keep the area around the unit clear and provide the proper airflow around the condenser. At least once a month, throughout the cooling season, do an inspection around the unit to keep foliage trimmed back and remove any debris, like leaves.

To have your outdoor unit correctly and safely cleaned, we highly recommend to schedule an appointment with one of our skilled A/C professionals, as there are several moving components and parts inside the unit, as well as electricity flowing through the wiring.

Refrigerant Coolant

Over time the refrigerant coolant inside your air conditioning system can leak out. When there is not the right amount of coolant in the system, it affects the system’s operating capacity. One noticeable sign the unit lacks sufficient coolant is when the system turns on and the air in the home does not feel as cold as it should or is simply blowing warm air. Regular maintenance of your air conditioner system includes checking refrigerant levels, finding and repairing any leaks, and recharging the system to the proper levels.

A/C Maintenance and Tune-Up

Distinct Heating & Cooling provides a detailed, 30-point home cooling system performance inspection and tune-up as part of our annual air conditioning maintenance service in Calgary. Our technicians inspect and test every component and aspect of the entire system, including airflow levels through the entire system, detecting, find, and repairing leaks, and more.

We believe air conditioner systems need to be professionally inspected and tuned-up every year. Ideally, it is best to get this service completed at the beginning of each cooling season, before you actually need to run your A/C unit. A properly maintained cooling system operates more efficiently and could potentially reduce your overall cooling costs since potential problems and issues are discovered before they become major repairs.

The expert air conditioning and heating technicians at Distinct Heating & Cooling pride themselves on providing the highest level of service to help people maintain their desired comfort levels within their homes year round. We provide reliable, efficient, and cost effective services and solutions in Calgary and the surround area, to address your home cooling and heating needs, before they become an emergency.

To learn more about our detailed 30-point home cooling system tune-up, or to schedule maintenance for your air conditioner unit, with one of our qualified technicians, please contact us today at (403) 477-3810. In the event you require emergency service, we are happy to provide the help you require 24/7!

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For 24/7 Emergency Service Call (403) 477-3810
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