Winter Comfort Control Tips

As Canadians, we know that winter weather can arrive overnight with the promise of higher energy usage and more expensive bills. But it doesn’t have to be such a hit to your monthly expenses. Now is the perfect time to evaluate your home’s energy efficiency, along with the overall weather resiliency throughout your home to make it cozy, without the dreaded costs. This season, use these winter comfort control tips to keep your home comfortable and energy efficient.

Caulk & Weather-Strip Around Windows & Doors

Even if you already have both applied from the previous year, it’s always a good idea to check to make sure that they aren’t peeling away. If you notice any signs of wear and tear, it’s always worth the time to replace them and add new caulking or weather-stripping to prevent drafts from entering.

Inspect Your Furnace

First, have a look at the outside of your furnace. You shouldn’t see combustion residue or any black soot in the vicinity – if you do, make sure to give us a call. Next, turn up your thermostat so you can inspect the actual flames inside the burner itself. Are they blue and flowing steadily? They should be. If the flames appear a yellow or orange tint, or are flickering, you likely have an issue with poor combustion. In this instance, make sure to give us a call right away so we can take a look.

Use A Programmable Thermostat

If you don’t already have one, a programmable thermostat can be a huge help and cost saver during the winter. These thermostats use smart, innovative technology that can learn your temperature preferences and adjust the internal temperature throughout your home accordingly. It also can also take into account when the house is empty, thus lowering the temperature enough, and raising it back up before you head home. These devices are extremely helpful at controlling the temperature throughout your home so you can take advantage of maximum energy efficiency.

Insulate Your Attic

The attic is where a lot of heat and energy gets lost, even though it’s often forgotten about. So if your attic isn’t insulted, it’s well worth considering. It can add a necessary buffer, which will allow your internal temperature to regulate and maintain a comfortable level more easily.

Upgrade Your HVAC System

If your current HVAC system is old and reaching the end of its lifespan, consider upgrading to a high-efficiency, variable-speed heating and cooling system. Look for a high AFUE or Annual Fuel Utilization Efficient rating, which represents the efficiency of a gas furnace. The better the energy-efficiency rating, the better your monthly expenses and comfort will be.

In addition to these winter comfort control tips, always remember to have your HVAC system serviced regularly to keep it running smoothly and efficiently in your home. For all of your HVAC needs, Distinct Heating and Cooling is here to help! Whether it’s a repair, replacement, maintenance or installation, we can take care of it for you.