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Discover What Makes Us Distinct

Distinct Heating & Cooling was founded by owner Nate Burlando in 2007. It was built on a dedication to absolute customer satisfaction through attentive, professional heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) services. Stemming from decades of collective experience, our team of service experts has learned the best ways to assist homeowners in the Calgary area. The result is consistently reliable, top-tier service quality and unbeatable customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

The primary goal of Distinct Heating & Cooling is to provide homeowners in the Calgary area with quick, responsive, and unquestionably reliable HVAC services. Not only that, but we aim to protect our customers with the finest attention to detail accompanied with a hardwired determination to create fitting solutions rather than more problems.

A Team of Reliability and Talent

When it comes to quality control, nothing comes close to what our team may achieve for you. We are not in the business of merely meeting expectations—but exceeding them. When you reach out to an HVAC services team, it is important to feel comfortable with every aspect of the work carried out.

Regardless of whether we have performed a basic inspection, a comprehensive repair, or even an outright furnace or central air conditioning unit installation, you will notice our Distinct difference in the results. That difference is our elite experience and continual striving for complete transparency, and we would not have it any other way.

Safety First—Every Time

The well-being, comfort, and safety of all occupants in each home we serve are of paramount importance. We take the approach that if something is not right, we must do all in our power to support the homeowner and have the issue resolved as well as possible and as soon as possible. That is the key difference between us and the many other contractors out there—we will not sign off and complete a job until we have the homeowner’s signature of approval on all the work we have completed. Homeowners in the Calgary area trust us with comprehensive repairs, maintenance, and installations, so we never skip crucial safety and performance checks.

Serving the Greater Calgary Area Since 2007

Distinct Heating & Cooling’s repair, maintenance, and installation of HVAC units are readily available to all homeowners in the Calgary area, many of whom have benefited from our detail-oriented and professional services in the past. No matter where in Calgary you live, our team is dedicated to delivering the finest hands-on heating and cooling services around. Contact us today to learn how we can enhance your home’s heating and/or cooling system.

About the Owner

Nate Burlando began his career as an apprentice in heating and air conditioning in 1994. He worked his way up through several different positions, excelling at his job. During this, he was also trained as a Red Seal Journeyman. Along the way, he learned many things, including what makes a service and installation company excellent and reputable.

Nate has a passion for customer service. He wants all his customers to have the most reliable, efficient, and safe equipment in the industry at a reasonable cost.

With encouragement from friends and family, he started Distinct Heating & Cooling in 2007. His foundation was to build a company based upon old-fashioned values—to put in an honest day’s work and receive an honest day’s pay. That has transferred into everything Distinct stands for and also into the standards of all employees of the company.

Nate is constantly looking for ways to improve and better serve both his customers and his employees. Whether that is updated technology, home improvements, or education for himself and his staff, he is committed to having the best solutions and updated information so they know what options are available. Distinct can then help them make the best decision for their situation.

Nate enjoys reading, physical fitness, lazy lake days with his family (any day with his family is a good day), volunteering at his church, and hanging out with friends and neighbors.

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