Lifebreath. HRV's

LifeBreath Heat Recovery Ventilators

  • Efficiently replaces stale indoor air with fresh outdoor air
  • Efficient ECM motors use less than 33 watts at low speed
Fantech. FLEX 100H HRV

Fantech FLEX 100H Heat Recovery Ventilator

  • Airflow up to 104 cfm @ 0.4" PS serves 3 to 4-bedroom homes
  • Max Airflow: 130 cfm at 0.0 in.wg.
  • Top-mounted ports for easier duct connectivity
  • Unobstructed front access
  • The TurboTouch feature delivers up to 50% more exhaust capacity
  • Aluminum core provides superior heat transfer capability
  • Integrated airflow measurement system allows for rapid and accurate reading of airflow during installation
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime on aluminum core, 7 year on motors, and 5 year on parts