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Furnace Maintenance

Furnace Maintenance Company in Calgary

Calgary Furnace Maintenance

Much like your automobile, your Calgary furnace needs routine maintenance to keep it running at its best.  Performing regular maintenance will ensure that your furnace runs efficiently, safely, and reliably. We recommend getting your entire heating system fully checked once a year by one of our highly skilled professionals. We provide maintenance on all major brands of furnaces. Let the pros at Distinct Heating & Cooling handle your Calgary furnace maintenance. Contact us today to book your 30-Point Home Heating Performance Tune-Up.

Proper furnace maintenance from a licensed professional is essential to conserving its safety, efficiency and your peace of mind. Most furnace manufacturers recommend an annual service and inspection by an expert and qualified technician. If a furnace fails due to inadequate maintenance procedures, in some cases the warranty will be voided.

By receiving high-quality annual furnace maintenance from a highly qualified technician at Distinct Heating & Cooling, the cost of your utility bills can decrease significantly as proper, professional can often improve or maintain your furnace’s efficiency. Annual tune-ups also help to ensure the safety of your family by effectively testing and repairing carbon monoxide leaks or ignition flaws within the heating system. This preventative maintenance can also reduce the risk of furnace failure and sudden heat emergencies during the winter season when you need your furnace most. These small problems can often be addressed before they escalate into a larger problem causing your equipment to breakdown suddenly and costing you much more.

Feel confident knowing you are getting the best in industry furnace maintenance with our 30-Point Home Heating Performance Tune-Up. Some of the points covered during this maintenance check include checking all operating pressures are running up to manufacture specifications, safety testing for carbon monoxide emissions and other gas-related inefficiencies. We analyze the burners for appropriate ignition, and flame sensors. All filters are inspected and replaced if necessary. The blower wheel, all flues and vents are checked for debris. The drain system is surveyed for any blockages and internal hoses are checked for leaks.  All wires are examined for any signs of corrosion or other damage. After our tune-up, the system is put through a well-detailed test to ensure its heating cycle is operating as efficiently and safely as possible.

Contact our team at Distinct Heating & Cooling to get signed up for industry leading, reliable and professional annual furnace maintenance today!

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