Calgary A/C Installation, Repair & Maintenance

The professionals at Distinct Heating & Cooling are equipped to help you with all of your central air conditioning needs. We are locally owned and specialize in the installation of Central Air Conditioners, Air Conditioning Repair, and Air Conditioning Maintenance. How may we help you today?

Central Air Conditioning Installation

Quality of installation is as important to a homeowner as buying the right air conditioning system.

Central Air Conditioning Systems

Are you looking for a new central air conditioning system? Is your existing system failing to cool your home or is it inefficient, causing a spike in your utility bill? It may be time to replace it with a new high efficiency model.


Air Conditioner Repair

If your central air conditioner has become noisy or fails to blow cold, you may need a service call to address the issue.


Air Conditioner Maintenance

Has the condenser or the evaporator on your air conditioning system received proper attention? Routine maintenance can greatly enhance the performance and efficiency of your unit.


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